Adverse Media Checks

What are adverse media (internet) checks?

Adverse Internet Checks, also known as Negative News Checks, are detailed background screenings that leverage technology to scan the internet for any potentially harmful or adverse information about individuals or entities. This process involves analysing a vast array of online sources, such as news portals, blogs, video content, and even academic publications. The goal is to compile comprehensive reports that highlight any negative media exposure, helping organisations assess the risks associated with a particular person or company.

These checks are more exhaustive than traditional background checks, which typically focus on criminal records, credit scores, and employment history. By incorporating a broader spectrum of online data, Adverse Media Checks provide a deeper insight into the public actions and behaviors of individuals. This can be crucial for roles requiring high levels of integrity and responsibility, as it helps uncover issues that standard checks might miss, such as undisclosed conflicts of interest or past controversial behaviours that did not result in convictions.

Organisations that often benefit from these checks include employers, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies. They are particularly valuable for positions that demand a high degree of public trust or involve sensitive operations. By identifying potential red flags before they cause harm, Adverse Media Checks play a crucial role in safeguarding the reputation and operational security of businesses and institutions.

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How to order an adverse internet check

Requesting an adverse internet check is a straightforward and easy process. In just a few simple steps, you can initiate a comprehensive review of an individual's digital footprint. Our system is set up to guide you smoothly from start to finish.

How it works
  • Step 1 - Register for your account

    Register for your account

    The process is swift and takes just 30 seconds. You’ll need to provide some basic information such as your name, email address, and set up a password.

  • Step 2 - Enter your candidate's details

    Enter candidate's personal details

    To ensure a thorough and tailored adverse media check, provide the candidate's full name, date of birth and all contact details (phone numbers and email addresses). Additionally, details of the candidate’s education and employment history, including their CV, can be added. The completeness of the information you supply directly impacts the depth and accuracy of our report. The more data you share, the more comprehensive our review will be.

  • Step 3 - Pay for your check

    Pay for your check

    Use any credit or debit card to complete your online payment.

  • Step 4 - Receive your detailed report

    Receive your detailed report

    Once the Adverse Internet Check is completed, clients receive a digital report detailing all significant findings. This report is structured to highlight key information and potential risks, ensuring it is straightforward to review and interpret. The digital format allows for easy access and sharing within authorised personnel in your organisation, facilitating swift decision-making processes. Each report is securely delivered through our online platform, ensuring privacy and compliance with data protection standards.

Accuracy and Compliance

We recognise the necessity of ensuring that our Adverse Internet Checks are both highly accurate and compliant with all relevant data protection laws, including the GDPR. Our methodology uses sophisticated natural language processing and keyword search technologies to minimise errors and avoid unconscious bias, thus maintaining a neutral and fair analysis of an individual's public online activities.

Our GDPR-compliant process meticulously focuses on specific 'key identifiers' such as names, public usernames, and locations, to accurately target relevant information while safeguarding the privacy of all parties involved. This precision allows us to extract pertinent data without breaching the privacy or integrity of the subjects. By adhering to these stringent standards, we provide our clients with reliable insights that are both informative and legally sound, supporting effective decision-making in sensitive hiring and due diligence processes.

Magnifying glass examining data

Clearly identify behavioural risks

Our Adverse Internet Checks provide a meticulous examination of an individual’s online presence by combining premium data sources with structured internet searches. We explore various mediums like news articles, blogs, and interviews to gather comprehensive insights into potential problematic behaviors or content, ensuring organisations have a full understanding of an individual’s character and history.

Utilising AI and proprietary algorithms, our service enhances the detection process by scanning thousands of search results across multiple platforms. This automation sharpens the accuracy of the data collected, reducing human error and bias for a more dependable risk assessment.

Our reports are designed to illuminate a range of behavioral risks, from hate and discriminatory behaviors to illegal activities and potential fraud indicators. This allows organisations to make well-informed decisions, protecting their reputational integrity and fostering a positive workplace culture. Additionally, we provide continuous monitoring and updates, ensuring that any new developments are promptly addressed, keeping our clients informed and prepared to tackle emerging risks before they escalate.

  • Uncover hidden risks

    Our Adverse Internet Check doesn't just scratch the surface; it digs deeper to reveal hidden risks that standard checks might miss.

  • Comprehensive risk assessment

    Each report provides a full spectrum analysis, covering everything from adverse media and extreme views to indicators of violent or illegal behaviour. Our comprehensive approach ensures that all potential risks are assessed.

  • Clear, concise reports

    Our reports are structured to be straightforward and easy to understand, presenting findings in a concise manner that decision-makers can quickly and effectively interpret. This clarity is crucial in helping organisations respond to risks with the appropriate level of urgency. during the hiring process.

What does an Adverse Internet Check report contain?

The report is structured to present findings in a clear, accessible format that decision-makers can easily understand and act upon. Each report includes:

  • Breakdown of all identified risks such as extremist views, illegal activities, and financial troubles.

  • Comprehensive list of all sources used, including direct links to the content where possible.

To see the value our adverse media check reports can bring to your recruitment process, download a sample report by clicking the button below.

Adverse Media Checks